AGCpunto.23 :The Summer Festival of the 53rd Artistic Craft Show in Guardiagrele.    


AGCpunto.23, the association’s annual event will be hosted for the entire month of August this year in Guardiagrele, thanks to the coordination of Roberta Pavone, AGC member in Abruzzo, a region in central Italy, between Adriatic sea and the Appennino mountains.

The event takes place in the context of the summer festival of the 53rd Artistic Craft Show and the general opening is scheduled for July 31st at 6 pm. The festival takes place at the Palazzo dell’Artigianato – Via Roma 28 , from 1 to 27 August.

The exhibition setup is curated by Roberta Pavone, with the coordination of Eliana Negroni and the support of Chiara Scarpitti. In addition to the presence of the AGC board representatives, Roberta Bernabei and Corrado De Meo, we are happy to receive many members who have joined the initiative.



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