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Itinerant international exhibition INFLUENCES 2019 – Passions trasform our work                                                                                                                                                                                 

The group of 12 authors has chosen, once again, to follow the path of “influences”. The theme of last year was working on how the environment affects one ́s work, this year develops towards the more emotional sphere of the individual. Exploring passion influences our imagination.Each author searches for his way to convey the idea of passion through his work. Choice of subject matter, materials, colors and of forms connects the expression and personal character of each artist.Traditions, innovations, cultures and origins all impact the creation of works. In the resulting pieces, the different technical qualities of each author are visible.
New inspirations lead to new possibilities.
The recent work, like last year, can be seen at the B/E Benjamin Eck Gallery.

München (DE) – Padova (I) – Livorno (I) – Barcellona (ES) – Firenze (I)






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Creation of video “THE VOLCANICS” by Giorgio Oppici and Maddalena Benati                             


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