Female portraits and contemporary features in the Napoleonic era prints of the University Library of Pavia                             

AGC Italian Association for Contemporary Jewellery, in collaboration with the University Library of Pavia (Italy) conceived the special exhibition MESDAMES Female portraits and contemporary features, in occasion of the bicentenary celebrations of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte 1821-2021.

A series of Napoleonic era female portraits, by the Library’s precious collection of prints, inspired the juxtaposition of the works by contemporary jewellery designers.

The outline is built around female characters of the time, aristocrats, dames, artists, both close to Bonaparte or evoked by their neoclassical features. In the past two years the bicentenary has been widely recalled to the special allure, the power and the charisma of Napoleon Bonaparte (btw – as King of Italy and Emperor he visited Pavia in 1805), and here the Napoleonic era fades into the ‘scenographic’ Salone Teresiano which hosts the exhibition of contemporary artists.

AGC’s commitment to promote the culture of jewellery research, makes today a new step with this intriguing imaginary dialogue between ancient portraits and contemporary works. The ladies of the time and the gaze of the gloomy sovereign are displayed with new features that emerge from a style going beyond the neoclassical. It is a language which reiterates once again the concept of ornament: out of time body ornaments.


Artists list

Sara Barbanti, Maura Biamonti, Luisa Chiandotto, Jeemin Jamie Chung, Corrado De Meo, Laura Forte, Maria Rosa Franzin, Stefano Fronza, Lucilla Giovanninetti, Francesca Mo, Kazumi Nagano, Liana Pattihis, Sara Progressi, Yoko Takirai, Ognyana Teneva, Caterina Zanca

Exhibition concept
Eliana Negroni AGC Association

In collaboration with
Antonella Campagna University Library of Pavia

Set up by
Francesca Mo Architect

Salone Teresiano                                                                                                                                                                                Biblioteca Universitaria di Pavia

Inaugurazione mostra mercoledì 4 maggio 2022 ore 17.00







Corona Ferrea – con cui Napoleone fu incoronato Re D’Italia a Milano.


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