Minimalism. Exploring the Essence of Form and Space in Contemporary Jewellery.                             

Author: Klimt02, Cécile Maes

Edited by:Klimt02

Edited on:2024

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“It was in 1965 that the term ‘Minimal Art’ appeared in the United States through the insights of philosopher Richard Wollheim, sparking a transformative artistic revolution that resonated deeply within the realm of jewellery design.

In this article, we present a concise selection of pieces, each encapsulating the essence of minimalism and offering a nuanced exploration of the key principles that define this influential artistic movement. ….”

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Gijis Bakker. Neckpiece: Scholderpiece, 1969. Aluminium


Giampaolo Babetto: Necklace: Cubes, 1977. 18 kt gold

David Huycke. Piece: Empty Square, 2003. Silver
Collection Röhsska Museum Gothenburg and Collection Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus.

Yoko Takirai and Pietro Pellitteri. Brooch: Respiro III, 2022. Silver 925 and hand-hammered micro stainless steel mesh

Empar Juanes Sanchis. Brooches: Liviana, 2019. Agate, white gold. Photo by: Look at the bird

Marc Monzó. Bracelet: Eclipse 2022. Gold plated silver




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